Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rocker Signature

My new signature, super stacked bracelets, rocker style! This is six bracelets and a huge watch: Charming Charlie watch, 3 different Forever 21 studded or spike bracelets, Express leather bracelet, and a spiritual bracelet from Joel Osteen's bookstore. Also, I am in love with doubling up my skinny belts, shown is a gray vintage and an Aldo snakeskin.

Tank maxi dress - Forever 21, Pinstripe boyfriend jacket - Chicos.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet Ankles - Part 2

As promised my second posting of my new obsession! My buddy found my new favorite pink lace ankle socks for $0.50 from Charlotte Russe! Buddy you are so sweet! The mint polka-dot cotton socks are $1 from Claire's. Tomorrow..can't wait to show you my new signature!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sweet Ankles - Part 1

I'm so addicted to ankle socks right now! I can't get enough of them! This whole obsession started when I kept seeing outfits shown with ankle socks and open toe wedge sandals in Lucky Magazine. Since then I've been dying to try the look. So here are a few of my new ankle socks I've added to my wardrobe. These bow ones are stupid girly, but sometimes my edgy look takes a detour! Both pairs are from Claire's for $1 EACH!

Tomorrow will be another post of my ankle sock obsession!  Wait to you see my new fave pink lace ones!! This my close toe shoe look, tomorrow I'll rock my open toe look.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Momma would be Proud

Today my momma would be proud. I adventured out to garage sale. Being a vintage addict, I jumped in my car with a furious drive to score big finds. It started out rough, I was melodramatic for a while that I'd never find one. BUT when I FINALLY did, the sun shined upon my soul...(drama)...ALL this for a total of $30: A Dooney & Bourke bag $15, Jewel CD $1, Dixie Chicks CD $1, salmon Bandolino pumps $3, authentic leather Tony Lama cowboy boots $8, and a sheer fringe shawl $1 (which somehow I lost!)
Some chick is probably wearing my shawl. Hmph. I will be posting outfits with my new finds this week!